Swim Team

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Head Coach: Mandi Bell

Avondale Estates has a long history of excellent swimming and is one of the most active programs the pool has to offer. The swim team is a special group that encompasses swimmers with many different ability levels. The children are typically between 5-18 years old. Our program is uniquely designed to meet the individual needs and desires of all swimmers, while promoting the positive benefits of a team sport. But swim team is more than just swimming – it's the neighborhood friendships, the fun parties, the great coaches, the many parent enthusiasts, and, yes, even the workouts! So if you haven't yet discovered swim team for your kids, check it out! It's a great life-long sport!

In addition to the practices and meets, there are many team-oriented activities planned for the swimmers such as movie nights, fundraiser cookouts, and much more. Throughout the summer season our team is like one big family, so join us at the swim meets and help cheer on the team!

Anne Studstill, swim team parent and former volunteer swim team coordinator, has written a terrific FAQ about the swim team called the Swim Team Survival Guide. This informative FAQ should answer all your questions about the Avondale Tidal Waves swim team.

If you have any questions about team you can reach Virginia James, current swim team parent at virginia@rvsmjames.com.

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